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Open Mobile Summit
10th-11th November 2014, Mission Bay Conference Centre, San Francisco

The centre of the mobile consumer ecosystem

The Open Mobile Summit is the definitive industry summit for the leaders of the new converged mobile economy. Together we explore how to build, and monetize, the open mobile Internet. 

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The Open Mobile Summit Agenda 2014

Day One

7.30-8.45am Registration

Keynote Presentations - Day One

8.45-9.00am Chairman's Welcome - Alberto Yepex, MD, Trident Capital

9.00-9.25am Mobile Education: Beyond the Chalk 

The founder of EA and Digital Chocolate will review lessons learned from the last round of mobile apps and point to new trends and growth opportunities, including IF, a ground-breaking new kind of educational game for tablets and other devices.

Trip Hawkins, Founder, EA (CEO, IF)

9.25-9.50am Fireside Chat with Bill Malloy: Mobile on Steroids

The mobile executive who likes to stay out of the spotlight, is making a rare appearance at The Open Mobile Summit. Bringing a wealth of experience and opinion on the carrier-advertising convergence zone, Bill will enlighten us with a unique viewpoint as the man who sees it all.

Bill Malloy, CMO, Sprint
Interviewer: Kara Swisher, Co-Executive Editor, All Things D

9.50-10.15am The End of Mobile Marketing as We Know It: Are You Ready for the Shift?

The mobile marketing train has left the station. Mobile is now a central component to any marketing campaign.

  • Is the ad industry ready for “the next tidal wave of change” that’s coming, namely, mobile and social?
  • The future of media: Get to grips with how advertising is shifting and how that might affect existing media companies
  • Capitalize on the shift. How do you move from the one-time campaigns to long-term customer engagement in 2013 and beyond?

Tom Bedecarre, Chairman, AKQA

10.15-10.50am COFFEE BREAK

10.50-11.30am The Race for 4G LTE Monetization Heats Up: Video and Beyond

As 4G LTE rolls out nationwide, where is the value in today's mobile internet ecosystem?

  • How will the mobile advertising ecosystem evolve to generate new revenue streams?
  • Will mobile TV be a key driver in video delivery to mobile devices
  • Will data as a service platforms give rise to new applications
  • Will the content delivery value chain be transformed by toll-free data plans?

Masaaki Maeda, President and CEO, NTT DOCOMO USA,Inc.
Jason Young, Senior Vice President, Product Management, T-Mobile
Chris Melissinos, Director of Corporate Strategy  - OTT and Media, Verizon

Moderator: Dan Deeney, CEO, Aetherpal

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11.30-11.55am Mobile Shopping: Innovations are Transforming Retail 

With access to powerful tools that combine digital and physical assets and put more information in the hands of customers, mobile is changing the way customers shop.

  • Understanding big data.  How can it power new and improved shopping services?
  • The online vs in-store boundaries are blurring.  How is the mobile revolution impacting retail?
  • Personalizing the shopping experience.  How re-tooling shopping can offer customers the personalized interactive mobile experience they expect.

Gibu Thomas, SVP Mobile, Digital and Global eCommerce, Walmart

11.55am-12.35pm The Future of Device Design: The Post-Smartphone Era

A new age of mobile design is upon us. What will replace the "black slab" touchscreen uniformity of smartphones and tablets?

  • Changes in design - How will the future smartphone design impact the consumer electronics market and the definition of ‘mobile’ space?
  • How will end-users communicate, consume content, and work in the next few years? A look at smart devices for enterprise use cases.
  • As the ever expanding network of mobile devices surrounds our day, how to interact with the internet-of-things? How will the mechanics of privacy change?

Rick Osterloh, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Motorola Mobility
Jan Uddenfeldt, Senior Technology Advisor to CEO, Sony Mobile
Mark Rolston, Chief Creative Officer, Frog Design
Ro McNally, VP Device Technology, Verizon Wireless

Moderator: Angela McIntyre, Research Director, Gartner

12.35-2pm LUNCH

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Track 1: Commerce and Advertising Track 2: Wireless Technology and Digital Lifestyle
  Chair: Liz Kerton, President, The Telecom Council of Silicon Valley
2.00pm-2.40pm Commerce: Don’t Miss the Mobile Juggernaut 2.00-2.40pm Fashionable Technology: Wearables Hit the Streets: 
The gap between the physical and the digital world continues to narrow at the speed of LTE, and mobile is increasingly influencing the deals, service, and the level of trust consumers expect.
  • The number of partnerships between payment providers, operators, start-ups, e-commerce giants and retailers are multiplying.  How is the mobile commerce value chain evolving?
  • Integrating experience across multiple devices.  How are leading retailers bridging the online vs in-store gap?
  • Flipping the showroom on its head.  How do we increase customer loyalty based on personalized service vs. price?
Darren Stoll , GVP, Marketing Operations and Analytics at, Macy's Inc. 
Johnna Marcus,  Director of Mobile & Digital Store Marketing, Sephora
Gokul Rajaram, Product Engineering Lead, Square
Brendon Kraham, Product Strategy, Google
Moderator: John Occhipinti, partner, Relay Ventures

From Google Glass to smart watches and health sensors, the age of wearable technology is here. But how will wearable re-program mobile strategy?

  • Defining 'wearable'. Is it more than something to be worn?
  • Sensors devices and data.  What do you do with all the generated data?  How do you use it to create new services?
  • The business opportunity: What is the new model for device manufacturers, apps, healthcare solutions, and operators?

Olof Schybergson, CEO, Fjord
Bill Geiser, CEO, Metawatch
Rachel Kalmar, Data Scientist, Misfit Wearables
Moderator: Redgie Snodgrass, Founder, Stained Glass Labs


Preparing for the Mobile Majority: Five Ways Consumers Will Demand More from Mobile

2.40-2.55pm Mobile Innovation and Execution: Bridging the Gap.

Mobile plays an increasingly critical role in every stage of the customer lifecycle, but Mobile advertising, SMS campaigns and mobile web sites won't be enough to compete in the mobile majority, as simply being found when customers call upon you doesn't drive long-term gratification.

  • Move away from one-off interactions to ongoing relationships. In this session, attendees will learn how leading businesses are redefining the customer relationship through mobile today, as well as what experimental opportunities are on the horizon.

Coleen Carey, Director of Product Marketing, Urban Airship
The world is full of great ideas, but many never see the commercial light of day. What are the common mistakes people make in converting their ideas to realities?  How can those mistakes be avoided?

David Foos, CEO, Room 5
2.55-3.30pm Wallet Wars Uncovered: Who and What Will Drive Mobile Payments? 2.55-3.30pm Making Car Connections: Is it App-ceptable?
The mobile payments industry is on fire, investment opportunities abound, and new and innovative solutions are continuously emerging. Who will claim victory? What factors will convert this welterweight industry into a serious contender?
  • Transaction fees vs monetizing multiple channel data. What is the ultimate prize?
  • Bringing order, future-focus, and a seamless consumer experience to a currently young and untamed industry. Who has the skills and vision to lead?
  • Creating the X-Factor.  What will entice consumers and merchants to give up the plastic?
Stefan Happ, SVP Online and MobileAmerican Express
Malcolm Nunes, Senior Manager, Financial Services,  The Home Depot
Dodd Roberts, Senior Executive, Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX) 
Moderator: Gloria Colgan, MD, Market Platform Dynamics
As automakers increasingly build platforms to host their apps, developers are showing an increasingly positive interest. How much will developers have to invest to build an in-vehicle app?
  • Tethered smart devices vs embedded apps.  Who’s doing what? Over the next three to five years, what percentage of auto OEMs will have embedded connectivity in vehicles?
  • Car Apps: Are universal APIs and SDKs to reduce development costs enough to entice developers inside the auto world?
  • Student drivers Apple and Google.  Are Android and iOS ready take the big trip to auto-grade? Are OEMs willing to risk brand differentiation?
John Ellis, Head of the Ford Developer Program, Ford
Henry Bzeih, Head of Connected Car / CTO, Kia Motors
Ken Durand, Vice President, Innovation & Business Development, M2M,  Ericsson
Geoff Snyder, Director of Automotive, Pandora
Moderator: Charles Golvin, Independent industry analyst and advisor
3.30-4.00pm COFFEE BREAK

The Mobile Customer Experience: The Future of Branding

4.00-4.35pm Not Your Dad’s Sporting Event: Using Mobile to Convert a Lost Generation into Fans
Slow out of starting gate, in 2013 mobile advertising is now speeding down the highway with realistic ROI. What will it take to bring the big $ to the mobile platform?
  • The lead or the complement.  What does it take to extend a brand using a mobile-first experience?   
  • Shifting from one-time buyer to a loyal customer.  How are brands using mobile to engage customers over the long term?
  • The future of mobile advertising. Are there new second screen and viral video players that can refresh the scene?
Steve Weinswig, VP, Managing Director of San Francisco, R/GA
Scott Kelliher, Chief Development Officer, AOL
Dave Marsey, EVP, Managing Director of DigitasLBi San Francisco, DigitasLBi 
Greg Consiglio, President & Chief Operating Officer, Viggle
Moderator: Larry Weber, Chairman and CEO, Racepoint Group

Live sports enthusiasts are getting older.  Each year the average age of spectators increases by one year. And so far, the sport's industry has failed to use digital technology to capture young viewers.

  • Rich media opportunities. From NASCAR to MLB, how do we mine the content, engage younger audiences, and enjoy higher in-situ ROI?
  • Targeted digital on-site offerings. How do we re-engage the younger demographic on and off site?
  • The role of targeted advertising during world-wide digital sporting events.  Can you use granular viewing time metrics and location to serve up high ROI advertising?

Kunal Malik, CTO, San Fran 49ers
Sundeep Madra, CTO, Pivotal Labs
Benjie Levy, COO, The Score
Ryan Spoon, SVP Product Development, ESPN

Moderator: Paul Kapustka, Editor and Founder, Mobile Sports Report

4.35-5.05pm Redefining the Mobile Market in Latin America 4.35-5pm Solving Urban Issues With Technology: The Future Belongs to Smart Cities

Telefónica Digital and Bango are redefining the mobile market in Latin America, through a deep partnership with the Firefox Open Web Device initiative. This session will discuss:

  • How Telefónica Digital and Bango are driving the pace of smartphone adoption in the region, through affordable technology
  • Their industry defining frictionless mobile payment experience, that’s driving up conversion rates and providing a boost to the entire app economy
  • A vision of future payments

Disruption through innovation continues to drive their relationship as they look to provide mobile customers with new ways to discover and purchase content, by leveraging the power and flexibility of operator billing.

Ray Anderson, CEO, Bango
Sue Igoe, Head of Business Developments, Telefónica Digital
From boosting economic growth to improving urban congestion, Palo Alto is using smart technologies to address pressing urban challenges. 
  • Keep it simple.  What are the ways to utilize the connectivity of the urban citizen to bring about immediate changes to development and communities?
  • Connecting smart cities to value.  How do you understand and articulate the smart city value proposition?
Dr. Jonathan Reichental, CIO, Palo Alto City
Interviewer: Mark Lowenstein, MD, Mobile Ecosystem
5.05-5.40pm Contextual Apps: Experience the Hyper-personalized 5pm-5.40pm mHealth: Pushing the Needle Forward in Transforming Health Care
Unlike the old days when you had to ask your personal assistant to order the car, remove the yellow M&Ms, and get the latte order the perfect temperature, the new personal assistants know what you want before you do!
  • The future of personal assistants.  What is the new landcape?
  • Recommendations and context.  Real world examples of using multiple data points like geo-location, time, notifications, social, and local.
  • Defining an assistant.  The importance of anticipatory, context, learning, and completing task. What are the benefits of horizontal vs vertical assistants? Do they play well with others: car dash, TV, wearables?
  • Patience.  With data cold-start it takes time to know your needs?
Raj Singh, CEO, Tempo AI
Eric Singley, VP Consumer and Product, Yelp
Roman Karachinsky, CEO,  News 360
Paul Davison, CEO, Highlight
Moderator: Sharon Wienbar, MD, Scale Venture
Mobile health has the capacity to provide health care at the right time and place, fundamentally transforming the way we manage our health, including chronic conditions, saving time, improving communication, and presenting opportunities to impact how health care is delivered.
  • State of the Digital Health industry. Where it stands and where it’s going?
  • How are connected medical devices, public health data, and contextual awareness transforming treatments?
  • What is the role of consumer apps?  Do they really have the potential to change the health of the nation?
Rick Valencia, VP and GM, Qualcomm Life
Halle Tecco, Co-Founder and CEO, Rock Health
Ron Gutman, CEO, Health Tap
Moderator: Harry Wang, Director Health and Mobile, Park Associates

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Day One Day Two

Day One Keynotes Day Two Keynotes

Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4

Day 3: AppcelerateTop

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Day Two

8.00-9.00am Registration

9.00 - 9.15 Chairmans Welcome

Larry Weber, Chairman and CEO, Racepoint Group

Keynote Presentations - Day Two

9.15-9.40am: The Future of OS: Let's get More Open

Mitchell Baker, Chairperson, Mozilla Corporation 
Paul Sloan, Editor in Chief, CNET

9.40-10.10am Future of Mobile Ecosystem - Where are we Heading?

The days of earning a return on hardware are numbered. To earn a decent return over the next 5-10 years, companies will need to make a difference to the way users live their digital lives on mobile devices. Fortunes change fast in mobile, and while iOS and Android are on top now, that could rapidly change as they are not without significant weaknesses. Of the challengers, Microsoft and Yahoo! are, by far, the most exciting.

Richard Windsor, Founder, Radio Free Mobile

10.10-10.55am COFFEE BREAK

10.55-11.35am Couch Wars: The Fight for 2nd Screen and Mobile Video Perfection

Mobile viewing is booming with over 73 million mobile video viewers nationwide and one big fight remains for the ultimate prize: The heart of every home, the family room TV. Does mobile have the edge?

  • Companion viewing and the new second screen - How can on-demand mobile video services be synced with companion platforms to please both the die-hard fans as well as the casual viewers?
  • Sharing and Collaboration. - Tech pretenders are finding ways to share and collaborate with traditional TV content providers. Why do they care to play ball?
  • Content syndication - How can providers distribute across platforms while preserving experience quality and build customer loyalty?
  • Viewing and profile data - How will new mobile metrics open the door to winning big TV advertising dollars?

Rich Riley, CEO, Shazam
Greg Consiglio, President & Chief Operating Officer,Viggle
Rob Gelick, SVP Digital Platform, CBS Interactive
Jesse Redniss, Chief Stratgey Officer, Mass Relevance (Formerly NBC Universal)
Ryan Spoon, SVP Product Development, ESPN
Moderator: Paul Sloan, Editor in Chief, CNET News

11.35am-12.00pm Fireside Chat: Encouraging Innovation in Large Enterprises

  • Explore how to bridge the gap between the giants of the mobile world and the many new innovative start-ups that are disrupting the market
  • How established companies can spark an innovation mindset in their employees

Abhi Ingle, VP of Innovation and Head of Foundry, AT&T
Interviewer:  Mark Lowenstein, MD, Mobile Ecosystem

12.00-12.25pm The Changing Face of Design: A Digital Extension of Ourselves

Mobile devices and interaction are rapidly shifting. We currently feel hand held device means mobile, but the future presents ideas of entire interactive and connected rooms.

  • What are consumers looking for in their devices? What is meaningful to them?
  • What’s next in user interfaces: Click, touch, swipe, talk, gesture, and other cool stuff that will change our interactions with mobile?
  • Without the current boundaries imposed on mobile, what could the mobile environment look like in the next decade?

Mark Rolston, Chief Creative Officer, Frog Design

12.25-1.55pm LUNCH


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Track 3: Mobile Enterprise, IT, and Business Track 4:  Future of Apps and Mobile Services
2.00-2.40pm Enterprise Mobility: How Can it Contribute to Productivity? 2.00-2.40pm Mobile First: Experience and Engagement Design
Mobile devices are driving a transformation as large as the arrival of the internet. The initial experimentation phase is over but companies are struggling to achieve massive productivity gains using mobility.
  • Mobilizing employees - How do you deliver enhanced versions of existing applications and integrate mobile to empower employees in real time?
  • Industry trail blazers - How are they setting their mobile enterprise strategy and what small victories have led to large ones?
  • In house development, start ups, and the software giants - How do you blend security, scalability, and rock-solid reliability, alongside intuitive human design to build killer enterprise products?  Where is the innovation?
Andy McLoughln, Co Founder and EVP strategy, Huddle
Beth Tschida, AVP Global Channels & IntegrationMetlife
Chris Walker, GM Tablet, Intel
Andrew Barendecht, Innovation and Colllaboration Manager, Genesis RTS
Moderator: Dan Woods, CIO Columnist, Forbes
As brands, social networks, and more firms move to a mobile-first strategy, what are the keys to success in mobile experience design? 
  • How are consumer behaviours and demands evolving in the mobile space?
  • How do you deliver your mobile experience ‘signature moment’?
  • With the “desk” gone mobile, what cohesive experience do consumers need across devices and platforms?
  • What is software’s role in easing our transitions between devices? How will this connectivity continue to change the market and spark new ideas?
Joff Redfern, VP Mobile, LinkedIn
Lars Fjeldsoe-Nielsen, Head of Mobile, Dropbox
Brandon Lucas, GM Mobile, Black Entertainment TV
David Engberg, CTO, Evernote
Moderator: Owen Thomas, Editor in Chief, ReadWrite
2.40-3.15pm Big Data/Open Data: Where is the Money in Mobile Data? 2.40-2.55pm Increasing ROI of Mobile Video with Haptics
With more mobile devices than people on the earth, there are significant opportunities to use mobile data to target consumers more effectively.
  • Using the data - How can you utilize consumer mobile data to target consumers more effectively, increase engagement and drive sales, building a more dynamic, contextual view of the consumer?
  • Privacy issues - Consumers are concerned about giving up their mobile data.  What are some sensible solutions for managing privacy issues, communicating security measures, and encouraging consumer trust?
  • Producing services from big data.  Who is best positioned to produce services and apps from the wealth of big data coming from today’s mobile consumer?
John Ahrendt, SVP Enterprise Data & Analytics, Wells Fargo
Rishi Diwan, VP, Head of Product Management, Sports, SAP Labs LLC
Rachel Kalmar, Data Scientist, Misfit Wearables
Ron Gutman, CEO, Health Tap
Moderator: Maribel Lopez, Principal Analyst, Lopez Research

Attendees will learn how integrating haptics, improves the quality of user experience of mobile video resulting in stronger reactions, greater persuasion, and increased recall. The speaker will also discuss a practical approach to implementation, and existing technologies that support haptic video.

Chris Ullrich, VP User Experience, Immersion

2.55-3.10pm Future of Mobile Imaging
Glimpse into imaging technologies on the horizon that will completely change how consumers interact with their mobile devices, including facial recognition and gesture control, for mobile devices now and in the future.

Todd Peters, President of North America, ArcSoft
3.15-3.45pm COFFEE BREAK
3.45-4.20pm The Cloud Grows Up 3.45-4.00pm Mobile Retargeting for Apps 
A variety of business models and partnership opportunities exist in the cloud space.  What does the cloud services value chain and market opportunity look like? Who is best positioned to deliver?
  • Value in the cloud - Do SMBs and enterprise buyers see the same value in the cloud? What is the role of the hybrid cloud?
  • Success models - Who is successful in the cloud service market and why? What is the carrier opportunity?
  • Clouding things up -  What is the level of security?  How has the cloud impacted the music industry?
Jamie Perlman, Head of Mobile Business Development, Box 
Jay Zaveri, VP Product, CloudOn
Roy Tuvey, CEO, Wandera
Jesse Lindeman, Sr. Director of Product Management, MobileIron
Moderator - Boris Bogatin, Operating Partner, Lumia Capital

Increase revenue and win back dormant app users

John Rankin, VP of International Sales, Trademob

4.00-4.15pm Mobile Trends from Asia and the Effect the App Economy

Get an insight into the mobile business models and practices in China and East Asia.

  • How does smartphone penetration of almost 200% combined with almost 100% Facebook penetration in places like Singapore and Hong Kong change consumer behaviour and value propositions?
  • Does the disruption of cheap Android handsets in the region offer different opportunities to developers and content owners? Lately, what about China, the world’s largest smartphone market?

Steve Forte, Chief Strategy Officer, Telerik

4.20-4.55pm Crowd Funding and the Impact on New Product Innovation 4.15-4.55pm TV Everywhere: The Mobile vs Broadcast Battle

Rewards-based crowd funding has the potential to quickly turn new ideas into reality. This panel session will focus on the latest trends in this space, the pros and cons of various approaches, and how crowdfunding affects product innovation.

  • Is crowdfunding a faster path to success or a shortcut to lose money?
  • How does mobile make crowd funding an accessible option to the general public?
  • What new innovation opportunties does crowd funding create? 
David Foos, CEO, Room 5
Michael Janse, Director Corporate Development , ARM
William Bull, Founder, Quake Labs
Brian Birtwistle, COO, Crowdtilt
Lyon Wong, Partner, Lightspeed Ventures
The demand for spontaneous access to video content, a higher-quality user experience, and more convergent mobile services has mobile network operators scrambling to keep up. What is the response?
  • Emerging business models - Online audiences continue to grow whilst pay TV subscriber base is stagnant. As the broadcast advertisers start to take online video and TV seriously how will models change?
  • Network operator needs vs consumer wants.  Meeting consumer demands while creating new opportunities for revenue growth is transforming content delivery and service decisions today. How do you balance economics with customer needs?
  • How will mobile change how people consume content in the future?
  • LTE Broadcast, the evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (eMBMS) platform.  What are the benefits?

Scott Maddux, GM AWE, Bottle Rocket
Brandon Lucas, GM Mobile, Black Entertainment TV
Daniel Patton, Director, Video Technical Consulting, Alcatel Lucent
Jeff Eddings, Senior Director, Product Management, Emerging Technologies, Turner Broadcasting

Moderator: Ryan Koontz, MD, Woodside Capital Partners

4.55-5.40pm Winning App Design- The Importance of Context for Innovation and Engagement
  • Is context just a buzzword?
  • What would be the most important information to know in order to provide context for mobile?
  • What makes context unique for mobile?
  • Is context just measured in actions, or is there a social and emotional aspect?
  • Why is context valuable for customers, how does it make things better?
  • Will the large companies be better at context because they have more data points and more users?

Courtney Guertin, CTO & Co-Founder, Kiip
Raj Singh, CEO, Tempo AI
Michael Oiknine, CEO & Co-Founder, Apsalar
Steven Yarger, Head of Mobile, Trulia
Manish Chandra, CEO, Poshmark
Vishal Sharma, ex-VP, Google Now

Moderator: Ravi Mhatre, Partner, Lightspeed Ventures

Day One Day Two

Day One Keynotes Day Two Keynotes

Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4

Day 3: AppcelerateTop

Day 3: Appcelerate

7.30-8.40am Registration

The Application of Innovation: Mobile Apps Set to Shake up Traditional Industries

8.40-8.50am Chairman's Opening Remarks - Welcome to Appcelerate

Prashant Fuloria, Chief Product Officer, Flurry

8.50-9.35am Opening Panel: The Invasion of the Apps - Mobile Service Apps Disrupt Traditional Industries

Explore how new services are being offered by apps by utilising the intuituve data of the mobile platform

  • How will this further disrupt traditional service environments? 
  • Understand the innovative revenue and transactional business models that today's mobile offerings are lauching to monetise their app service
  • No more banners! Can content and great services really be the future of the app economy?

Chris Akhavan, President of Publishing, Glu
Steven Yarger, Head of Mobile, Trulia
Mikael Berner, CEO, EasilyDo
Jon Jenkins, Head of Engineering, Pinterest

Moderator: Tim Chang, Managing Director, Mayfield Fund

Plenary Presentation

9.35-9.55am Mastering Monetization: The Building Blocks for the Ultimate Ad-supported Revenue Model

Understand the mobile advertising ecosystem and how to create a viable revenue stream through ad-supported apps and successfully acquire users through mobile advertising. 

Mahi de Silva, CEO, Opera Mediaworks

App Idols - User Experience

9.55-10.10am The Mobile Age of Hotel Reservations: The New Way to Get a Room

In the largest and most profitable category of e-commerce, HotelTonight walks the hotel booking high wire without a website net.

Sam Shank, CEO, HotelTonight

10.10-10.25am Going Places with a Better Understanding of the Mobile Experience

Get to to the foundations of how people use their phones to build a user experience that will engage your customers.

Katherine Bose, Director, Business Development, TripAdvisor

10.25-10.55am Morning Coffee Break

10.55-11.10am Mastering the Social Gaming User Experience

Deliver a customised user experience for gamers that can be rolled out on scale.

Aber Whitcomb, Chief Technology Officer, SGN

11.10-11.25pm Get the Greatest Results From Your App

Hear how this former TV station has innovated in its mobile offering to become one of the most recognised sports results based apps in the US.

John Levy, CEO, theScore

11.25-12.10pm User Experience Breakouts

Unique Opportunities and Challenges: Designing Developing World Technology

Joshua Stern, CEO, Telerivet

Mobile UX: Building the Value Proposition

Tony Alfaro, CEO, Ribbon

TV Everywhere and Second Screen: The Next Level

Scott Maddux, GM AWE, Bottle Rocket

OnePlatform Foundation - Making Android Open

Alex Zverev, Head of Yandex.Store

12.10-1.35pm Lunch

App Idols - Monetisation

1.35-1.50pm Making Mobile Money: Using a Unique Mobile Experience to Drive Sustainable Revenue

In a multiscreen environment, mobile becomes the cornerstone of distribution strategies. Re-focus to build and monetize mobile experiences for today’s interactive TV viewer.

Rob Gelick, SVP & GM of Digital Platform, CBS Interactive

1.50-2.05pm The Evolution of Mobile User Acquisition

How are emerging mobile-only businesses driving changes to user acquisition?

Zubair Jandali, Lead Mobile App Developer, Ad Sales, Google

2.05-2.20pm Making the Most of Moments

Mobile is becoming a big part of our daily lives. We use these devices to increase productivity, chill with entertainment, finding recipes, tracking health/fitness, and more. These moments make up our day and it's now possible to find the happy moments and instances of achievement in each one of these activities.

Kiip tracks over 500 million moments a month across 1,500 apps to surprise and delight people when they accomplish an achievement.

Courtney Guertin, CTO & Co-Founder, Kiip

2.20-2.35pm What’s the Forecast? The Global Outlook for Mobile Revenue

With a vision to expand internationally and monetize ad sales, using both weather and consumer data to drive revenue from The Weather Channel’s mobile business.

Alex Linde, VP Mobile & Digital Apps, The Weather Channel

2.35-3.20pm Monetisation Breakouts

  Google: The Search for New Innovations in Mobile Advertising

Tom Price, Product Manager, Google Admob
Vishay Nihalani, Product Manager, Google Admob

In App Purchasing and the New Frontier for App Revenues

Emily Greer, Founder, Kongregate

Distimo: Analyse the Potential of Your Mobile App

Scott Reyburn, Data Journalist, Distimo

3.20-3.40pm Afternoon Coffee Break

App Idols - Engagement & Scale

3.40-3.55pm Redefining Engagement: Is Discovery the New Search?

Innovation at Poshmark is generating a massive community of fashionistas and restyling commerce.

Manish Chandra, CEO, Poshmark

3.55-4.10pm What Will it Take to Mainstream Ridesharing?

The face of urban travel is changing with new legislation and the power of the mobile phone. Hear how Sidecar are preparing for a travel revolution.

Sunil Paul, CEO, Sidecar

4.10-4.25pm Successful Scaling on Mobile: What are the Risks and Challenges?

With more than 200 million registered users and more than 70 million listening every month, Pandora has cracked the code on how to maintain and evolve mobile apps when you have tens of millions of users.

Chris Martin, VP of Engineering, Pandora

4.25-4.40pm Fostering the Interactive Experience Through Mobile Technology

Smart devices have changed the way consumers engage with TV shows and make purchasing decisions. Now, we must connect the intense story-telling power of TV with the personal and intent-based behavior of digital.

Daniel Danker, CPO, Shazam

4.40-5.25pm Engagement & Scale breakouts

Mobile Retargeting for Apps - Increase Revenue and Win Back Dormant App Users

John Rankin, Vice President of International Sales, Trademob

Dive into Cross-Platform with Objective-C

Collin Jackson, CEO & Co-Founder, Apportable

Zappos Breakout TBC

Aki Iida, Head of Mobile, Zappos



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