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The 2015 Agenda: A Winning Mobile Product and Marketing Strategy

This is the definitive industry summit for the leaders of the new converged mobile economy. Take a look at the 2015 conference agenda below to understand how mobile is distrupting consumer life.

Day One, 9th November


Chairman intro


Fireside Chat with Rich Miner, Google Ventures

Rich co-founded Android and is a pioneer in the mobile space. He now leads Google Ventures’ East Coast investment team and will share on the latest trends, how technology is shaping the consumer experience and future of mobile.

Rich Miner, General Partner, Google Ventures
Connie Loizos, Silicon Valley Editor, TechCrunch


Transforming Traditional Brands: Tackling Omni-Channel Products

The transformative process to ‘mobile and digital’ has impacted some of the best-loved brands the hardest. For traditional brands sorting the hype from reality when it comes the potential of mobile is costly but offers huge advantages.

  • It is not all about mobile! Look at the full omni-channel product picture and understand how mobile services can be used to enhance the core services
  • Look at ways to deliver new value to the customer through integrated connected services throughout the product life
  • Wade through the multitude of omni-channel analytics and performance data to get a clear picture of the services that make a quantifiable difference to your customer experience

Joe Megibow, CDO, American Eagle
Marie Floyd Tahir, SVP Digital Customer Experience, Wells Fargo
Stefan Happ, Chief Commercial Officer, Enterprise Growth, American Express
Jonathan Lindo, VP, Enterprise Mobility, CA Technologies
Elisa Bellagamba , Product Marketing, Twilio
Moderator: Steve Weinswig, Managing Director, Fjord


2020: Evolution of Creativity

Join Nick Strada, Group Creative Director, AKQA explore the methods and approaches used to shape the future and how they will evolve in 2020. 

Nick Strada, Group Creative Director , AKQA


Fireside Chat with Tim Trefren, Founder of Mixpanel

This is a fireside chat with Tim Trefren, founder of Mixpanel. He will discuss the trends they are seeing in mobile, how the most sophisticated mobile companies are using data, and how companies can transform themselves into data-driven organizations.

Tim Trefren, Co-Founder, Mixpanel
Moderated by:
Drew Olanoff, Senior Writer, TechCrunch




Vision Plastic Mobile

Hear from one the world’s largest advertising agencies their vision for mobile creative, technology and business best practice.

Matt Howell, Global Chief Digital Officer, Havas Worldwide
Melody Adhami, President and COO, Plastic Mobile


Next Level Native

Native advertising is very effective on mobile, but taking advantage of the format means gathering enough data to serve content that works. How do creative, data, and technology mesh to deliver superior mobile native campaigns?

  • Gone are the days of click to install ad placements, advertisers are now leveraging high-impact branding formats to engage, convert and retain target consumers- but how do marketers ensure that their native campaigns do not get lost in the clutter and actually drive the metrics that matter?

  • Cheetah Mobile, the largest app developer you never heard of, and its Cheetah Ad Platform have developed the fundamental tools leveraging its massive reach, data technology and innovate native ad formants to enable marketers to achieve the holy grail of native advertising: making the right impression, from the first impression.

Djamel Agaoua, SVP Worldwide Sales, Cheetah Mobile


Mobile First Versus Mobile Only: The Pros and Cons of Forgoing the Web

In March 2015, for the first time ever the number of mobile-only adult Internet users exceeded the number of desktop-only Internet users. This global milestone is a reminder that mobile screens are now primary for most users.

  • Take a closer look as to which content categories mobile use dominates, such as maps and social, compared to those still dominated by desktop, to design appropriately for your company
  • Understand how to evaluate your product strategy according to the services you provide to make the call as to when to develop on mobile only
  • Think about the ‘micro moments’ that drive search behaviour and consider these in your design for providing mobile specific tools and services that are life changing to the user

Joel Flory, CEO, VSCO
Mike Grishaver, SVP Product, Etsy
Jeremy Wacksman, Chief Marketing Officer, Zillow
Brad Griffith, CEO, Gametime
Sam Shank, CEO, HotelTonight
MarkGhermezian, Co Founder and CEO, AppBoy

Moderator: Brian O’Malley, Partner, Accel VC


The Omnichannel Readiness Gap

A recently commissioned survey by Kahuna reveals the critical gaps facing leading brands who need and want to engage customers across different channels, including mobile.

  • Learn what priority top brands have for the new marketing mix

  • Learn where they are actually investing, and what capability gaps they are facing

  • Learn what some of the best brands are doing and what we can all learn from them 


Adam Marchick, CEO and Co-founder, Kahuna



  Track 1: Mobile Product That Packs a Punch Track 2: Mobile Marketing: Closing The Physical To Digital Gap

Mobile Product: Creating Simplicity from Complex Features

Apps are no longer just a sales route, but rather a significant and unique part of the overall product and/or service. Companies that are leading in mobile are using their app to create simplicity in their product, despite dealing with complex features.

  • Consider how can an app can extend the usefulness of a pre-existing brand or product by increasing its value and relevance
  • How can you meaningfully integrate mobile content and functions, such as location based and contextual functions, with your product, utility, or service?
  • Multi-App Approach: Discuss the future of Deep Linking in order to identify and transport users to and in apps. Understand the new consumer experiences advanced deep linking can enable

Joff Redfern, VP Product, LinkedIn
Scott Jampol, SVP Marketing, OpenTable
Tim Trefren, Co-Founder, Mixpanel
Laurent Sellier, VP of Product, Eventbrite

Moderator: Hany Nada, Managing Partner, GGV Capital

The Never Ending App Experience

Marketers now recognize that their consumers use multiple devices at different times throughout the interaction with their brand. This means that user behaviour evolves throughout the lifecycle of an app. How do you keep users coming back?

  • Enable the customer to enhance their daily physical environment by using contextual, social and personal data to create more targeted, relevant mobile app experiences
  • Explore how to market fluidly between the app lifecycle stages (acquire, engage, grow) to create a positive, enriched, personalized experience throughout the app user’s journey
  • Discover a more people-centric marketing approach: Improve your knowledge of your target audience by combining device linking, location-based marketing, and analytics to engage at the right moments and ultimately drive mobile growth

Matt Zilli, Head of Segment Marketing, Marketo
Yvonne Chen, Senior Director Product Marketing and Strategy, Localytics
Christopher S. Dean, CEO, Swrve
Tyler Davidson, Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer, PushSpring
Jonathan Eccles, Senior Product Manager, Pandora

Moderator: Sharon Weinbar, PartnerScale Venture Partners


How to Build a Successful App at Scale

It’s not enough to build a great app. You need consumers to want to download it and, depending on the business, you need to be able to scale it globally.

  • Get insights into TripAdvisor’s approach to building the world’s most popular travel app (downloaded 190 million times) by offering consumers invaluable travel features and insights whilst in destination
  • Explore the test-and-iterate culture necessary to design features consumers love, at speed, to stay ahead of competitors and constantly trialing new product innovations
  • Learn strategies for encouraging app downloads and pulling in repeat use in a way that is scalable

Adam Medros, SVP of Global Product, TripAdvisor

The Emergence of ‘Living Services’

The emergence of “living services” is being driven by the digitization of everything and by ‘liquid expectations’ – expectations that will rise across every industry as innovation increases in any industry.

  • Understand how enterprises need to strengthen their understanding of customers, through data and analytics, to match their increasingly liquid demands in a world where almost everything is digitized
  • Take a look at how design will be impacted as organizations seek to deliver impactful yet consistent services using challenging new interaction types such as voice, gesture and location across a range of new devices

Steve Weinswig, Managing Director, Fjord


Finding Your ‘a-ha’ Moment

Most companies aren’t going deep enough with their user data. Are you currently leveraging your user behavior data to discover the drivers of retention, growth, and revenue?


  • Learn about the 3 levels of analytics, and what types of insights you can gain at each level.
  • Many companies are only measuring vanity metrics (Level 1) and figuring out where their problems are (Level 2), but aren’t finding new ways to grow (Level 3).
  • By analyzing the actions that your users take, you'll discover how you can improve your product to drive growth. As with Facebook’s famous ‘7 friends in 10 days’, learn how you can find the ‘magic moment’ to focus your product around.

Spenser Skates, CEO and Co-founder, Amplitude

Creating Remarkable Consumer Experiences Every Day

The Weather Channel, which was primarily a TV operation has been transformed into a mobile powerhouse. With a mobile focus that is driven by data understand how the company has become one of the top mobile properties in the US.

  • Explore the importance of leveraging data to understand people's daily habits and rituals to help create more relevant messaging and targeting
  • Address the significance of incorporating dynamic creative into mobile products and apps in order to exceed users’ expectations and personalize every experience
  • Find out what this mobile-first organization is doing to connect to consumers in surprising ways and discover which trends they will be betting on in the future.

Domenic Venuto, General Manager, Consumer Division, The Weather Company


Making Mobile a First-Class Citizen

Despite years of mobile-first headlines, many companies still lag behind. Hear from a company that made a dramatic shift from web to mobile. TaskRabbit built a mobile competency in-house and now mobile is rivalling the web for the most trafficked and highest converting platform.

  • Discuss strategies and tactics for building mobile competency in a web-biased company and the true advantages of doing so – from SEO to consumer opinion
  • Explore the challenges that arose from both a development and management perspective
  • Explore tactics to ensure feature parity across platforms and how to work cross functionally to elevate mobile in your organization

John Vars, Chief Product Officer, TaskRabbit

Making Sports Mobile

Dorth Ralphaely, GM, Bleacher Report




Building Mobile Products that Count

  • How do you create mobile products used by billions of people? What are the new rules shaping the business and future of connected technology? Which matters most in mobile: product, marketing, or both? How do you measure and achieve success in mobile?

Mobile veteran SC Moatti, ex-product leader at Facebook and founder of Products That Count will share best practices based on what the most successful companies are doing with mobile today.

Sophie-Charlotte, Founder, A Product That Counts


Context-Aware Customer Engagement

Imagine mobile apps that interact with your customers in an even more personalized and proactive way. There's a lot of useful context – beyond location – that's available about a mobile user, from social profiles to environmental data, user behavior and preferences, and more. If this could be easily understood and exploited, apps could be much richer, satisfying, and valuable.

·       Understand how you can leverage context to transform mobile experiences from generic and static to personalized and dynamic

·       Give your marketing people and other non-coders the ability to change your app’s content and behavior on the fly

·       Leverage analytics and gain unique insight into consumer behavior to refine your mobile strategy

Hossein Rahnama, Founder and Chief Product Officer, Flybits


Small Screen Storytelling: Mobile Publishing

46% of people now access news on their phones on a weekly basis – a major shift in the way news is consumed by audiences; influencing formats and business models. The publishing world is at last embracing mobile and so much has already been learnt about how consumer digest news.

  • Look at how to experiment with fresh formats and editorial styles on mobile and which have paid off in terms of increasing traffic numbers
  • Close-up on how complex information can be presented through a mobile screen size and which mobile specific tools and features can be used to allow for an easily digested, user experience
  • Tackle the elephant in the room – how can mobile bring further revenue for traditional and digital publishers and what new business model has mobile unveiled?

David Perpich, SVP Product, New York Times
Akshay Kothari, Product Lead – LinkedIn Pulse, LinkedIn
Julia Beizer, Director of Mobile, The Washington Post

Moderator: Maribel Lopez, Founder, Lopez Research

Nurturing a Community with Mobile

Mobile opens up entirely new business models. As every customer has the ability to connect in real-time the brand and their peers, this creates entirely new opportunities for companies to build, maintain, and grow customer relationships

  • The value of building a dedicated, loyal community that interacts not only with the brand but also with each other. Is there an associated ROI with harnessing a strong brand community?
  • How do you bring Millennials and younger generations into your community? What are the attributes that are necessary in building this community?
  • Look at methods to grow your community fast through a well-managed omni-channel strategy including communications tools such as push alerts, SMS and messenger platforms. 

Christophe Gillet, VP of Product, Vimeo
Manish Chandra, CEO, Poshmark
Ken Dodelin, VP Digital Product Development, Capital One
Sylvain Grande, VP Product, SoundCloud

Moderator: Jason Brown, Head of Design, Fahrenheit 212


Future of Apps: Mobile-First, But Not Mobile-Only

The recent launch of the Apple Watch has introduced wearable devices to the mainstream and changed how we think about mobile development. As hardware evolves, so too does the fundamental way we think about apps across all screens.

  • Get an overview of Evernote’s mobile strategy and how its approach has shifted in light of new hardware technology and platforms
  • Explore the design challenges and best practices for distilling a complex app into a valuable experience for smaller screens and shorter sessions
  • Understand the role of predictive apps in creating a unified and seamless experience to mirror what users are trying to accomplish across all their connected devices

Jamie Hull, VP of Mobile Products, Evernote


Product Soul: The Real Seeds for Growth?

Companies live and die by their ability to drive customer and revenue growth. Traditionally growth is largely the responsibility of sales and marketing. But recently, it’s become obvious that product is vital in ensuring that users coming back.

  • Explore the role of product teams to reorganize, execute and integrate with the rest of the organization to maximize their impact on growth
  • Share on the success stories that have brought about users returning to a product time and time again. What does it take for users to share their experiences with their friends, resulting in organic growth?
  • Debate the importance of growth hackers Vs product design. Which influences sustainable customer growth more and how do you strike a balance between investment in the two?

Tim Hannan, CMO, Gogobot
Eric Singley, VP Consumer and Mobile Product, Yelp
Ehren Maedge, VP/GM, MoEngage
Melody McCloskey, Founder and CEO, StyleSeat
Justin Caldbeck, Founder and managing Partner, Binary Capital


Networking Drinks Reception Sponsored By Kahuna

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Day Two, 10th November


Fireside Chat with Kevin Weil, Twitter

Learn about Twitter’s mobile product strategy and how they are using mobile to capitalise on live events and breaking news situations

Kevin Weil, SVP Product, Twitter
Casey Newton, Silicon Valley Editor, The Verge


Computing without Borders: Designing a World of Invisible, Super-Smart Machines

People expect technology to make life easier for them. Yet for the last few years, quite the opposite has been happening; we spend a lot of time babysitting little computers that demand more of our attention. Explore how the coming era of invisible and super-smart computing will re-shape our personal and professional lives.

  • Explore the creation of lightweight new interfaces using voice, gesture, hardware, and even augmented reality
  • Hear how Mark and his team are working with client Cognitive Scale to developing invisible, super-smart computers that learn and interact naturally with humans. They identify patterns we can’t see, adapt to the situation at hand, give us specific and actionable recommendations, Moreover, they learn and improve their abilities the more they work with us.
  • Discuss the moral issues: What am I willing to let a machine do for me? How does my growing relationship with ever-smarter machines redefine my own humanity? What is the nature of technology based products and experiences when I can no longer see and judge them with my own eyes?

Mark Rolston, Founder and Chief Creative, Argodesign


Apocalypse or Golden Age? Machine Learning Meets with Mobile

It is fast becoming a reality that your phone knows your schedule and routine better than you do. Explore the vast array of ways mobile tools can outsmart their users through Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and deep linking.

  • Explore how personalization is improving exponentially through machine learning, and understand the possibilities this opens when paired with ‘deep linking’ between apps to deliver new levels of user experience
  • Look at the potential of geofencing, and retargeting to improve content marketing and personalization of digital tools and services.
  • What does this mean for advertising? Will location awareness, and context sensing be the commonplace method for integrated branding by allowing advertisers to seamlessly place products into existing content?

Danny Bernstein, ‎Director, Product Partnerships - Integrations, Google
Mark Roltston, Founder and Chief Creative, Argodesign
Giorgos Zacharia, CTO, Kayak
Mike Chan, CTO, Nextbit
Matt Brown, VP Strategy and Consulting, Kony
Karissa Bell, App Reporter, Mashable 


Fireside Chat With Facebook

Kelly Graziadei, Head of Commerce Product Marketing, Facebook
Moderated by:
Kurt Wagner, Associate Editor Social Media, Re/code




Making the 5%: Differentiating Your App with Dynamic User Experiences

Over 50 million mobile apps are downloaded daily. One in four is abandoned within 24 hours. In other words, creating a successful app is incredibly difficult. Pressure from internal and external sources to increase downloads, engagement, and create new and/or enhance existing revenue streams is constant.

  • Data-driven context: The anatomy of a “location” data point and how to put it to work in your experience.
  • Categorizing behavior: Learn how to categorize user actions and what to do with the results.
  • Building App modes: putting the power of place to work in your app to anticipate user needs, monetize your app, and differentiate your app experience.
  • Case studies to demonstrate what leading apps are doing and current best practices

David Bairstow, VP Product, Skyhook


Entertaining through Mobile: TV and Video

The entertainment world has shifted. Technology has merged. Phones are TVs and TVs are phones. Take a look at how mobile products for TV, Gaming and Video are redefining the entertainment industry and the revenue sources surrounding it.

  • Look at the new realms of how to combine customized apps, social media features and traditional video services to deliver a personalized and dynamic entertainment experiences.
  • Explore the new levels of interactive features and game experiences, especially with sports and live programming, that can be added to mobile and IP products to win the hearts of viewers
  • With ‘unbundling’ becoming a reality, what does the future TV business model really look like and what new opportunities does this offer to outsider start-ups?

Rob Gelick, SVP Digital Platforms , CBS Interactive
Ben Weinberger, SVP Chief Product Officer, Sling TV
Brad Hunstable, CEO and Founder, Ustream
Warren Packard, Founder and CEO, Thuuz Sports
Jay Donovan, Associate Director of Strategy, Resource/Ammirati


Cross Marketing Effectiveness

When it comes to mobile it is very hard to assess its impact in the wider marketing mix. The Mobile Marketing Association have now measured brand impact and sales results from mobile, with Walmart, MasterCard, AT&T and Coca-Cola. Get insight on:

  • The performance and attribution of video, audio, location and other mobile vehicles as well as the impact of creative
  • How mobile can help brands meet their marketing goals across the purchase funnel
  • The optimal mobile allocation is for various campaign styles

Greg Stuart, CEO, Mobile Marketing Association


How Mobile Marketing Automation Is Transforming App Growth

Momchil Kyurkchiev, CEO and co-founder, Leanplum
Fabian Seelbach, Senior Director of Growth, Lumos Labs





  Track 1: App Idols And More Product Track 2: Mobile Marketing And Advertising

Millennials in Today’s Tech Landscape

Take a closer look at Acorns' founding story and discuss the deeper implications of UX led investing. Jeffrey explores how Acorns is creating the next generation of investors by making the formerly big decision of investing small and app appropriate. He will explain what was required on the back end to support an elegant, mobile-first, user experience. 

Jeffrey Cruttenden, Co-founder, Acorns Grow Inc.

Role of Mobile in Entertainment Marketing

For many in the entertainment business, the growth of mobile is both a huge opportunity AND an emerging competitor. How do we use mobile as a communication platform while also educating consumers on the limitations of the small screen (particularly if you’re in the business of delivering the world’s biggest screens)?

Eileen Campbell will share the engagement strategy IMAX deploys to get small screen viewers into big screen auditoriums.

Eileen Campbell, Chief Marketing Officer, IMAX Corporation


App Idol: Good Eggs

The local food delivery startup, Good Eggs, is all about serving people who love to cook. With a new iOS app—the first since launching its web service four years ago—Good Eggs CTO and co-founder, Alon Salant, will share some of the qualitative and quantitative methods that informed design and decision-making.

How—and why—might you rethink your shopping experience when developing for mobile? How do you take something that is working on the web and make it successful on mobile? Alon will discuss how Good Eggs approached these questions and the key learnings that came out of the process.

Alon Salant , Founder & CTO, Good Eggs

The Continued Consolidation of Mobile Ad Networks

Steve DeAngelis, VP of The Americas, M&C Saatchi Mobile


The Rise of On-Demand Economy

In the last year the sharing economy has evolved into something new. Ubiquitous communications, freelance work forces and low transaction costs are giving rise to the on-demand company. Analyse the 2015 on-demand trends and understand its impact on the connected lifestyle.

  • Is it all roses? Look at the realities of launching a new on-demand start-up. From the complexities of city expansion, attracting and retaining supply and ethical and political concerns around employees
  • Discuss the app design features that aid on demand products such as core features for the customer side Vs the supply side
  • Explore how to launch an on demand business with insight on how to create a solution to a problem by employing specific business models that over time become repeatable, scalable, and profitable.

Wes Donohoe, VP Product, Shyp
Baldwin Cunningham, Founder/CEO, Partnered
Angela Wise, Head of Product, Sprig
Moderator: Sophie-Charlotte, Founder, A Product That Counts

Achieving Creativity on Mobile

As marketers, and their agencies, increasingly invest in the mobile channel striking the balance between data-driven targeting and creativity remains a challenge. We discuss the implications.

  • Discuss how to creatively enage the user on mobile using combinations of features such as video, sound and gamification to drive ROI
  • Combine art and science by using formats that trigger results both behaviourally (in terms of interactions, App Indexing and clickthroughs) and attitudinally (in terms of brand recall and purchase intent), whilst controlling traffic fraud
  • Data or creativity? No need to choose. Consider a cross-device marketing strategy to maximize segmentation and creativity

Bruce Hershey, VP Retail Brand and Marketing, The Mens Warehouse
Sigal Bareket, GM and Co-Founder, Taptica
Tim Villanueva,  Director of Media, Fetch
Moderator: Peter Prodromou, President, Racepoint Global




App Idol: Sprig - How Startups are Reinventing Industries

Sprig considers its mission to make eating well accessible to everyone. By combining the nutrition and sustainability of slow food with the convenience of fast food, Sprig is changing the food business. Head of Product Angela Wise, who previously worked at Uber, will talk about how Sprig was designed to re-think restaurants from the ground up.

Angela Wise, Head of Product, Sprig

4.10-4.45pm Marketing to Millennials

Monoculture is dead, especially when targeting millennials. Learn how to win millennials’ hearts, minds, and wallets with campaigns driven by insights into more nuanced behaviors and attitudes.

  • Find the right tools to understand how millennials behave on digital channels in order to tailor your marketing campaigns
  • Learn all about insight-led segmentation, guided by behavior and preferences, to speak to this audience flexibly and authentically
  • Aim to understand millennials as personas, not stereotypes to create marketing campaign that will bring true value and build brand affinity

Naseem Sayani, Vice President of Business Strategy for Huge West Coast
Eileen Campbell, CMO, IMAX
Steve DeAngelis, Vice President of Client Solutions, M&C Saatchi Mobile
Moderator: David Wu, General Partner, Maveron



 App Idol - SeatGeek


SeatGeek is the leading mobile-centric ticket search engine. With its industry leading mobile apps, SeatGeek has made it easy for consumers to effortlessly buy tickets to their favorite live events from their mobile devices. In this session, SeatGeek's Director of Growth, Will Flaherty, will talk about how SeatGeek has optimized the e-commerce experience in a world that's shifting towards mobile. 

Will Flaherty, Director of Growth, SeatGeek

 4.45-5.05pm Delivering a 5 Star Mobile App Experience

In today’s “be anywhere, do anything world,” mobile is king. And the data produced by mobile app users is a marketing gold mine—if it can be captured, analyzed and leveraged. At CA Technologies, we help companies rapidly develop, secure, and manage new services to compete in today’s application economy. In this session, you’ll discover how mobile app analytics can reveal deep insights about your customers and drive collaboration between development, operations, and marketing teams, so that you can deliver a 5 star mobile app experience. 

Sanjay Tailor, Vice President, Digital Strategy and Channels, CA Technologies


End of Conference

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