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The 2014 Agenda: The Connected Consumer Experience

This is the definitive industry summit for the leaders of the new converged mobile economy. Take a look at the 2014 conference agenda below to understand how mobile is distrupting consumer life.

Day One, 10th November


Chairman’s Welcome and Industry Overview

Mark Lowenstein, MD, Mobile Ecosystem

Putting Mobile Video into Context

The online video revolution has had a major effect on the TV industry but now mobile and smart TV usage is starting to surpass that of PCs. ESPN's digital business counts around 50.7 million devices streaming 2.6 billion minutes of content.

  • Take a deeper look into how concrete mobile video figures are impacting advertising strategies, such as having in-ad purchasing mechanisms, to understand how digital advertising fundamentals are starting to shift
  • Discuss the opportunities that lay in the mobile viewing data and how improved measurement analytics will manifest in a world of bespoke user content and increased targeting in advertising
  • Focus on design: Take a look at ESPN all new mobile site and evaluate the importance of cohesive aesthetics, when dealing with complex content such as video, games and live scores, to give the user a compelling experience

Ryan Spoon, SVP Product, ESPN

eCommerce through the lens of Google Glass - a perspective from Expedia

We are entering an age of radical change enabled by new wearable devices. These changes will dramatically shift the way consumers access and engage the internet – even with traditional eCommerce companies.

  • Explore the importance of rebuilding consumer experiences as we move away from online platforms and into mobile and wearable formats in order to keep customers engaged and loyal
  • What benefits do new wearable platforms offer the travel industry in terms of new experiences and services that enable the consumer not just to travl but to ‘explore’?
  • Discuss how Expedia is using a heightened approach toward big data analytics to evaluate the behaviour of products, apps or APIs based on what they are seeing from the market

John Kim, Chief Product Officer, Expedia, Inc.

A New Era for the Mobile Network Operators: OTT, Advertising and Monetization

The traditional mobile value chain has changed. Over the top (OTT) communication services and media giants have muscled in on their revenues. But, the MNOs are fighting hard against becoming solely a data pipe and innovation for new revenue streams is in the air.

  • Explore the new services that are being developed as the wireless operators choose their weapons to win the battles for mobile voice, messaging media and cloud to understand which industries are primed for the next wave of wireless innovation
  • Discuss where mobile operators are looking to partner with OTT players as they look to minimize their decline in messaging revenues, and offset their lack of service innovation
  • Understand the emerging partnerships that are forming between advertisers, publishers and MNOs: how are the carriers collecting mobile usage data that would have brands jumping for joy?

Ed Ruth, Director - New Market Development, Strategic Partnerships & Innovation, Verizon
Michael Goo, VP Services and Platform, T-Mobile USA
Wayne Ward, VP New Product Development, Sprint
Ashish Singh, VP, Products, SK Telecom Americas
Moderator: Dan Deeney, CEO, AetherPal

The App's Role in the Future of TV

The ‘second screen’ experience has taken some time to evolve and now those with a really compelling experience are pushing to the front and offering a direct voice to the consumer.

  • Explore how Shazam analysed their users and TV viewers to understand what they wanted from a complimentary mobile experience, to shed light on ow to analyse consumers when designing new mobile products
  • Discuss the ‘Shazam effect’ on TV advertising. Once again the traditional advertising model is being disrupted and seemingly with great success. How is the Shazam model changing content and campaigns production?
  • Understand what is next for TV. How else is the TV industry primed for change and are there opportunities for other apps and industries to involve themselves?

Daniel Danker, CPO, Shazam

The In-Store Mobile Commerce Revolution

Mobile hits the shop floor. With the advent of low-energy Bluetooth (BLE) and hyper-local Location Based Services, beacon technology is disrupting the in-store consumer retail experience, revealing a multitude of marketing and product opportunities for brands.

  • Discover how mobile is enabling retailers to collect unique data on the in-store customer journey, and determine how they are utilising analytics to enhance product placement and combat showrooming.
  • Understand how the integration of beacon technology will allow brands and advertisers to not only reach shoppers at the point of purchase, but provide consumers with valuable content as they shop. Realise how branded content can be integrated into the shopping toolkit to drive purchases in-store.
  • Discover how brands are using beacons and additional online and offline data signals (real world pixel) to target advertising -push notifications as well as display ads - to understand more of the real world behaviour of their customers and bring consumers back to the store.

Stefan Happ, Executive Vice President & GM, Global Emerging Payments & Services, American Express
Joe Megibow, CDO, American Eagle
Andy Chu, Divisional Vice President, Mobile & Community Experiences, Sears
Eric Bader, CMO, RadiumOne
Shira Gasarch, Product Strategy Lead, ShopKick
Moderator: Owen Thomas, Editor in Chief, ReadWrite

Wi-Fi: Order through Chaos

There will be 340 million global publically available hotspots by 2018 – that is a public hotspot for every 20 people on earth. With this exponential growth, Wi-Fi is rapidly becoming the dominant public Wireless network, a critical part of our communication infrastructure and meaningful alternative to today’s cellular networks.

  • How do we harness the power of this emergent, unregulated and chaotic global network to make it easily and reliably accessible?
  • Who will lead the way in making Wi-Fi a truly global, roamable network?
  • Who are the emerging players poised to take the lead and how will this change the mobile industry?

Evan Kaplan, CEO, iPass

Live Poll - Please stay in room and get your phone at the ready

Track 1: Mobile Commerce and Media
Track 2: Apps and Games

Mobile Advertising: The Future of Mobile Engagement

Brands are continuing to look for higher engagement with their audience. Banner blindness is beginning to hurt the efficacy of mobile’s traditional brand engagement. The panel of experts shed light on the next generation of brand engagement achievable in connected media

  • How can consumer mobile data be utilized to target consumers more effectively, increase engagement and drive sales to build a more dynamic, contextual X-ray of the consumer?
  • Capitalize on the shift. Look at how to move from the one-time campaigns to long-term customer engagement when designing advertising campaigns to ensure the benefit of mobile engagement is not a flash in the pan
  • Think beyond the banner: Discuss how to use mobile to build a digital-to- physical bridge, using new techniques and tools such as augmented reality in apps, to keep customers fluidly moving between environment and entertaining high engagement throughout their brand experience

Mark Prior, VP Mobile, Rocket Fuel
Stephen Clements, Executive Creative Director, AKQA
Malene Sam, Director of Mobile Media Solutions, CBS Interactive
Jeremy Lockhorn, VP, Emerging Media, Razorfish
Moderator: Steve Weinswig, VP, Managing Director of San Francisco, R/GA

Making Mobile Gaming Pay

We've moved from million-dollar games to billion-dollar games. After 13 years in waiting, the growth is almost unbounded. Mobile gaming has never been as exciting as it is now. However, its financial health still requires evangelic proof of a reliable business model.

  • With so many one hit wonders in the mobile gaming world discuss what needs to be done to a gaming app to ensure longevity stay at the top of the volatile charts
  • Take a closer look at monitising free-to-play mobile games: Weigh up the pros and cons of in-app purchases Vs. in-app advertising in regards to player engagement and revenue capture
  • Native Video Ads: There is a huge amount of new activity in the space with many saying that they are the successful alternative to banner ads. Look at how these interact with programmatic buying tools

Jordan Mendell, Head of Mobile, DraftKings
Greg Ballard, SVP Digital Gaming, Warner Bros.
Clark Stacey CEO, WildWorks
Andy Yang CEO Upsight
Moderator: Hany Nada, Founding partner, GGV Capital

Spotify: The Journey of Desktop to Mobile First

Jorge Espinel, Head of Global Business Development, Spotify

Fireside Chat with LinkedIn

LinkedIn have officially moved to being a mobile first service and made some pretty bold decisions along the way. Understand how to truly make a useful companion consumer and enterprise experience:

  • Explore LinkedIn’s radicle ‘multiple app approach’ to understand if it pays off to break your offering into multiple apps
  • Anticipatory computing – how can apps infer with what you need next using contextual information?
  • Apps in Symphony – Understand how to create total synchrony between multiple platforms and apps to give a joined-up experience

Joff Redfern, VP Mobile Product, LinkedIn
Kiran Prasad, Senior Director of Engineering Mobile, LinkedIn
Interviewer: Karissa Bell, Apps Reporter, Mashable

Conquering Changing Buying Behaviour

There was a time when e-commerce and bricks-and-mortar stores existed in separate worlds. Then came high-speed wireless and powerful smartphones, and the retailing world has never been the same. It is an omni-channel experience.

  • Explore how mobile has created a more personalized relationship with the buyer with tools such as cameras, location features and social-network connections as a new era of person-to-person retail success stories emerge
  • Discuss how mobile has the power to make shopping fun again - rewards, social engagements and relevancy. Can a traditional brand reinvent itself and if so how should if be working with technology providers to build it’s new image?
  • Leveraging big data: Look at new ways that data can power fresh and improved shopping services to deliver personalised experiences that customers didn't know they needed

Manish Chandra, CEO, Poshmark
Keith Colbourn, SVP Loyalty, Safeway
Bruce Sattley, SVP of Product Management,
Parham Aarabi, CEO, Modiface
Moderator: Aubriana Lopez, Lead Strategist, Mobile – Digital Element, Location Based Marketing Association

Mobile App Monetization: Tackling Advertising

As the mobile app industry surpasses 102 billion annual app store downloads and $26 billion in revenues, developers must have a clear app monetisation strategy to succeed in the marketplace. Take a look at the latest data and methods to monetise mobile services and apps without killing the experience

  • Explore new tools and best practices, including rich media video and radio options, to earn more on mobile to help developers make money from their app
  • Discuss how to track the impact of advertisng on the app by using rich mobile marketing analytics to measure how each individual interacts with the brand, to make sure the media spend is used appropriately
  • Look at how consumer data can be used in increasingly sophisticated ways to drive improved ads performance in mobile and help brands better connect with consumer

Sean Ryan, VP of Platform Partnerships, Facebook
Katherine Bose, Director, Business Development, Trip Advisor
Jonathan Eccles, Product Manager, Pandora
Dippak Khurana, CEO, VServ
Moderator: Mark Lowenstein, MD, Mobile Ecosystem

Mobile Drives Billions to In-Store Sales - Are You Ready?

  • Mobile will drive $689 billion in sales to in-store purchases by 2016, will you be ready?
  • Changing consumer behavior has fueled the collision between physical and digital creating a new retail revolution.
  • Walk away with a plan to start measuring mobile's true impact on in-store sales and learn the secret to increasing in-store sales via mobile.

Aurelie Guerrieri, General Manager, US, MobPartner

How to Find, Engage and Monetize App Users

With milllions of new smartphone users coming online, the race is on acquire them as customers. But how do you keep them coming back to your app, and when they do stay, monetize them effectively? Come join the discussion on how Google is thinking about user acquisition, re-engagement and striking the right balance between in-app purchases and ads.

Jonathan Alferness, Director of Product Management, Mobile Ads Lead, Google

The Mobile Mind Shift

Smartphones are becoming an extension of our brains. When we don't immediately find what we want, we turn to our phone or tablet and look for a service that can help us directly. This is 'the mobile mind shift'.

  • Evaluate the impact of the mobile mind shift on consumers and marketers, especially in retail. Look at how to take advantage of this behavioural change in consumers through new tactics such as mobile ‘impulse buy’ or ‘assisted sales’
  • Discuss how successful brands can serve customers in their mobile moments and evaluate whether they need to approach it with a different business discipline?
  • Explore and ‘mobile moment’ and how to take advantage of it as a marketing tool through the use of mobile messaging to serve your customers proactively in their moment of need.

Julie Ask, VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester

App Idol: Trulia – Mobile Web is Not Dead

For Trulia, the real estate app, location was always an obvious metric to leverage on mobile. However, even they were surprised at how much traffic good use of location could result in. Hear more from their Head of Consumer Mobile.

Jonathan McNulty, Head of Consumer Mobile, Trulia

Mobile Cloud Services An Essential Strategy for App Development

There are hundreds of App toolsets on the market but few offer deep benefits to App developers. This talk focuses on Mobile Cloud Services that deliver broadly applicable horizontal functionality with SaaS pricing and generally include Infrastructure or Platform as a Service components.

  • What Mobile Cloud Services are available? - A look at the various categories of Mobile Cloud Services.
  • Why use Mobile Cloud Services and why not just build your own? - Benefits and pitfalls of Mobile Cloud Services.
  • An analysis of the best of breed Mobile Cloud Services in the market (Flurry, Google, Parse, Twillio, IBM Blluemix, MS Azure and Golgi), to include feature sets, price, estimated developer on-ramping time and their specific market focus.

Brian Kelly, CTO, Golgi

App Idol: Washio

In Los Angeles, a small startup called Washio has built a thriving business in one of the most unlikely verticals of all: laundry. In just 1 year Washio now employs 35 people and more than 150 drivers in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington D.C., o, and has raised in excess of $13 million.

Jordan Metzner, CEO, Washio

App Idol: DoorDash

DoorDash are the kings of fast start-up growth and already estimate that 1 in 6 household in South Bay have ordered from them! Stanley will be sharing his tip and secrets for growing fast and standing out from the competition.

Stanley Tang, Co-Founder, DoorDash

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Full speaker list • Conference agenda • Audience Breakdown

Day Two, 11th November


Vision from Verizon: Transforming Television for a Connected World

Mobile technologies are redefining the TV experience. We’re moving from a broadcast to a connected TV world where we have ultimate control over what we watch, when and on what device. Content is still king, but the way we access and enjoy it is being transformed.

  • Explore exciting developments such as cross-device TV services, personalized search and discovery engines and new ways to make sure people can enjoy their TV on their schedule and how to take advantage of these opportunities as well as how to reach and engage audiences in new ways.
  • Discover insights on this fundamental transformation of our industry, the technologies that are driving change and the rules of survival in a connected TV world.
  • Investigate how this profound evolution in business models is affecting relationships between brands and consumers and how this will expand the limits of digital experiences.

Chris Carey, CPO, Verizon Digital Media Services

The Shapelessness of Things to Come

The state of the very world around us - objects, surfaces, even entire rooms - is about to become the interface. Computer interfaces are de-coupling from machines, and companies are exploring ways to project images onto ambient surfaces, or into our line of sight from AR-enabled glasses. Mark Rolston, former Chief Creative at Frog explores how we will be inside the computer.

  • Investigate how this profound evolution in computing is affecting our relationship with the world and how this will change consumer behaviour and expand the limits of digital experiences
  • Uncover the inspiring possibilities of emerging new interface paradigms and look at how the early stages of this evolving technology could disrupt industries from retail to manufacturing
  • Walk through real examples where this IoT and fully connected world is transforming industries, for example how Schneider Electric have created new SmartHome concepts to refresh their brand and engage the consumer

Mark Rolston, Founder and Chief Creative, Argo Design

Beyond the box - The fight for the living room

With the explosive growth in mobile and tablets, the media landscape has changed rapidly. Discuss the way television content consumption is changing and how new platforms are fragmenting how which we watch TV content

  • Explore the latest ideas about new content format creation for TV and video as mobile and social disrupt viewing habits in order to deliver unique content that sticks in order to build brand loyalty
  • Discuss how the unbundling of TV content will effect the TV economy and whether the traditional models need to be preserved or adapt with the times
  • FCC and Net Neutrality - What does this mean for TV?
  • Discuss how the streaming TV and Cable Operators can and should work together - Who needs who and what are the partnership opportunities?

Ryan Spoon, SVP Product, ESPN
Ohad Ben-Yoseph, Director of Strategy, LG
Tim Connolly, Head of Distribution and Partnerships, Hulu
David Finocchio, Founder and GM, Bleacher Report
Hardie Tankersley, VP Digital, Fox Broadcasting
Moderator: Colleen Taylor, Reporter, TechCrunch

Firesdie Chat: How to Overcome the Mobile Gaming Industry's Investment Barrier

Mobile gaming is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the development world. However, public markets still exhibit broad skepticism over this sector's long term viability and financial stability. Dissect the business models behind this industry.

  • Explore how new brand and film partnership opportunities, such as SGN andFox Digitals recent partnership, can bring stability and recognition to mobile gaming companies to create investor trust
  • Look at the values of remaining agile cross-platform to cope with the constant evolution in platforms and to generate revenue from multiple platforms and avoid dependence on one.
  • Discuss how to remain nimble in regards to product development by learning to relly on low-cost prototyping, relentless A/B testing, and deep analytics, in order to trail new game ideas quickly and harness the power for partnerships

Chris DeWolfe, CEO, SGN
Moderator: Mark Milian, Tech Writer, Bloomberg

Context is King - Making Mobile Surpass Consumer Expectations

Mobile and smart technologies have transformed the relationship between brands and their customers, placing the power firmly back in the hands of the latter.

  • Explore how contextual, social and personal data are altering the power of mobile to create incredible experiences for the user
  • How do you get onto your audiences mobile, deeply engage them and have the privilege of staying there?
  • Look at how to enhance the relationship with your audience by creating the 'wow factor' through a truly seamless experiences between all your product platforms

Heidi Browning, SVP Strategic Solutions, Pandora
Di-Ann Eisnor, VP Platform, Waze
Kira Wampler, CMO, Trulia
Joe Braidwood, CMO, SwiftKey
Alastair Green is the Executive Creative Director, Team One USA (Saatchi and Saatchi)
Moderator: Larry Weber, CEO and Founder, Racepoint Global

China: Bringing Mobile Services To The World’s Largest Mobile Market

  • Discuss history and current state of China’s mobile market
  • Address unique challenges faced by mobile companies attempting to enter China market, including cultural, regulatory and local competition
  • Explore the future of the China’s mobile economy, including emerging opportunities, globalization and saturation

Frank Fu, President, Kingsoft

Track 3: Connected Lifestyle
Track 4: Mobile for Business

Connected Home: Dreams of Seamless Automation

With the emergence of Internet of Things, the next big level is bringing that smartification to the home. Discuss what opportunities will this open for the consumers, construction companies, service providers and energy companies alike.

  • A dizzying array of connected home devices will enter the fray of the connected home space: discuss the evolving ecosystem and how such systems will interact in a way that is consumer friendly? Who will own this new platform environment
  • Building from the ground up: Look at how this technology can be incorporated into buildings during construction and if there is ROI in doing so
  • Can the connected lifestyle be achieved and if so who are the key players of this IoT? Understand the converging worlds of connected automotive and home in order to build a seamless door to door experience

Michael Yang, MD Silicon Valley, Comcast Ventures
Daniel McCallum, Executive Director, Strategy & Innovation, Frog Design
Sce Pike, Chief Experience Officer and CEO of IOTAS, Citizen
Stephanie Fuhrman, EVP Property Services, Riverstone Residental Group
Moderator: Bill Ablondi, Director Smart Home Strategies, Strategy Analytics

Fireside Chat: Bringing PayPal to Mobile

Consumer spending has taken some time to move away from the PC but a combination of larger phones, better mobile UXs and increased security have got us all spending on the go. Understand how PayPal have adapted to cope with multiple mobile platforms and leap forward into the retail POS arena.

Hill Ferguson, CPO, PayPal
Interviewer: Owen Thomas, Editor in Chief, ReadWrite

Redesigning Corporates to Innovate in Mobile

It is not easy for old, traditionally organised enterprises to effectively adopt a mobile mind-set. Having moved from corporates to Pebble, Itai Vonshak and Liron Damir explore how large companies can create a culture of innovation and mobile awareness in order to avoid slipping behind.

Liron Damir, Head of Design, Pebble
Itai Vonshak, Chief Product Officer, Pebble

Can Mobile Make Banking Sexy?

The banking and investment world has been notoriously behind the curve when it comes to mobile and digital tools. However, radical things are happening and with ever power and agile backend infrastructures, exciting consumer tools are emerging.

  • Explore how BNY Mellon have harnessed everyday consumer mobile behaviour patterns to create their new ‘Sumday’ tool that makes use of the mobile moments to change people’s investment patterns
  • Close up on BNY’s conclusions as to how the average consumer wants to interact with their finances on mobile. Understand UX decisions that were made and why
  • Early remarks on how BNY Mellon believe mobile tools and services can change the image and more importantly, the profits for the financial sector and they continue to find their feet post recession

Doug Magnolia, Managing Director of Strategic Growth Initiatives, BNY Mellon
Vishal Sapra, VP Brand Development,

Connecting People and Interests through Proximal Discovery

The next generation of mobile services is leveraging the hyper-connected world we live in to seamlessly connect our digital and physical worlds. Creating a digital 6th sense requires proximal discovery, or the ability to continuously and passively discover friends, services, offers, and other relevant value in one’s proximity.

  • Discover more about LTE Direct is a 3GPP standards based innovative device-to-device discovery technology that allows for always-on proximal discovery of services.
  • Explore how LTE Direct allows always-on discovery of relevant information in one’s proximity and what makes this technology unique.
  • Walk through real use cases developed by our partners that showcase different ways LTE Direct can be used and the benefits it provides.
  • Dive into how this innovative technology can benefit the entire mobile ecosystem including the mobile network operators, as well as consumers, retailers, and businesses.

Mahesh Makhijani, Senior Director, Technical Marketing, Qualcomm

Panel: Unleashing Mobile Productivity

Productivity tools and apps for both the workforce and personal usage have swept the market and continue to have huge revenue potential. However, the competition is tough, productivity apps will always be competing with pre-loaded apps and services.

  • Discuss how to beat the incumbent tools by doing what they cannot, such as seamless functionality across OSs, making it easy for people to share and interact even when using different devices
  • How productivity app companies can tap into contextual prompts, like location, calendar events and email to better predict and respond to what their users want?
  • Explore the latest in predictive technology to truly understand its users. How tools can leverage machine learning and data science to deliver intelligent service that anticipates and reacts to users’ intent

Eric Villines, VP Global Marketing, Kingsoft Office Software
Raj Singh, CEO, Tempo AI
Mikael Berner, CEO, EasilyDo
Lawrence Coburn CEO Double Dutch
Moderator: Boris Bogatin, MD, Hilltop Management

Next wave of Device design: Are wearables the answer?

Sales of mobile devices are still growing but quickly leveling off. Older gadgets like PCs are on the decline. Meanwhile, the technology industry is rushing to figure out what the next big game changer will be.

  • Look at the latest hardware and interface trends in mobile design including flexible screens, gesture control, sensor interaction, mid-air gestures; as well as larger shifts to changes in device types e.g. phablets
  • Have smart watches, wearables and glasses fallen victim to their own hype or if it's still early days for the next wave of consumer technology?
  • As the ever expanding network of mobile devices surrounds our day, how will consumers interact with the internet-of-things? How will the mechanics of privacy change?

Claude Zellweger, Associate VP of Design, HTC
Kristian Tarnhed, Product Planner, Sony Mobile Communications
Itai Vonshak, Chief Product Officer, Pebble
Moderator: Sharon Weinbar, Partner, Scale Venture Partners

Mobilizing the Workforce: Can it be simple and slick?

The nature of how employees work has changed and enterprises are dealing with a new savy, always-connected workforce. Workers want to have an equal experience to that of their consumer lives but is that truly possible with the tight regulations of the employers?

  • Discuss how to provide a unified, simple experience for the worker when having to integrate various legacy and cloud systems in order to aid the transformation of the office environment
  • Discuss the power battle as to who keeps UX control on new tools and services being introduced into the enterprise. Does the cloud solution provider or the enterprise keep ultimate control and how will these complex relationships work?
  • Think Big - What will the connected office and workforce look like in 5 years and how will this change the infrastructure and architectural requirements during developing stage?

Jesus Rodriguez, CEO, Kidozen
Prashanth Shenoy, Director, Enterprise Mobility and Networking Solutions Marketing, Cisco
Oisin Lunny, Senior Market Dev Manager, OpenMarket
Jamie Perlman, VP Business Development, Box
Moderator - Robin Vasan, Partner, Mayfield

The Medical Provider of the Future Is Here

Mobile and wearable point-of-care technology is now evolving at an exponential rate. Early tech adopters in the healthcare provider space are seeing massive efficiency improvements.

  • Discuss the mobile innovations that are essential to today’s doctors, such as tool for community visits and the integration of patient fitness data and health records
  • Look at how mobile health start-ups can ease adoption of new technology for the somewhat antiquated health industry by integrating consumer and physician platforms and managing data analysis for physicians
  • Explore the developing space of Wearable Health Records for healthcare providers and patients to understand how to make this technology the true bridge between patient and doctor

Michael Nusimow, CEO, DrChrono

The Industrial Internet: Making IoT a Reality

By 2020 there will be over 50bn connected objects. Excitement around the concept of the 'Internet of Things' has been mounting. Take a look at the concept of the 'Industrial Internet' as the first step toward an IoT

  • New ecosystems of connected machines have the potential to increase efficiency, minimize waste, and make smarter decisions. Discuss how the Industrial Internet is changing workplaces
  • Discuss how manufacturers can optimize operational efficiency, speed new products from idea to profit, and embrace the opportunities of the “Internet of Things”
  • Evaluate the emerging battleground between traditional manufacturing automation companies and new competition from Google and technology companies

Chris Klayko, Strategic Director for Manufacturing, Google Enterprise
Richard Mendis, Co-Founder and CMO, AnyPresence
Oisin Lunny, Senior Market Dev Manager, OpenMarket
Tony Shakib, VP of IoT Vertical Solutions, Cisco Internet of Things Group (IoTG), Cisco
Moderator: Maribel Lopez, Principle Analyst, Lopez Research

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Full speaker list • Conference agenda • Audience Breakdown