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Most focused conference and exhibition for the mobile wallet and mPayment landscape

Mobile Wallet Wars USA 2014

June 19-20, New Yorker Hotel, New York, USA

Mobile Wallets go Mainstream with Data Driven Business Models and Innovative Tech 

Never has there been so much to play for in the payments space, a revolution is just round the corner. With Square, Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft becoming major players in Wallet space MNOs, Banks and Payment Institutions need to innovate fast to make sure they’re not left behind...

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Key Topics that will be dicussed in 2014:

  • The Digital Wallet Eco - System:  Who Will Win and Who Will Follow? Exploring the mobile wallet eco-system.  Who is leading development and what factors are impacting mass scale adoption across markets?
  • Standardization and Interoperability: The Key to Mobile Wallet Scalability: The need for standards.  How can more integration and interaction in the mobile wallet eco-system create seamless payments and non- payment opportunities, give consumers clarity and increase wallet acceptance?
  • Door to Store and Back:  Focus on the Complete Buying Experience: In store marketing. What ways can geo-fencing, and other programs designed to connect targeted consumers with the right offers, help create shopping patterns and improve consumers’ in store and point- of-pay experience?
  • Which Technology Will Win? The prevailing technology(s).  Who is making progress with NFC, Bluetooth LE Beacons, QR codes and hybrid wallet models?
  • Data Debacle: Power to the Merchants, Banks and Consumers: Impacting marketing and advertising.  How will mobile wallets change retailers’ approach to marketing, advertising, and the buying habits of consumers?  What role will data driven profiling, targeted ‘trigger’ location marketing, and loyalty scores play?
  • Protecting and securing mCommerce: The direction of safety.  Are the added layers of security with cloud hosted data and tokenization, and encryption and apps a step in the right direction towards safety? 

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Mobile Payment Experts Converge 

We have independently researched the very best speakers from the mCommerce market to bring you the most relevant, cutting-edge information. Here’s a snapshot: 

  • Mario Shiliashki, Group Head Emerging Payments, MasterCard
  • Richard Char, Global Head of Digital Networks and Retail Services, Citi Enterprise Payments
  • Dave Birch, Global Ambassador, Consult Hyperion
  • Jeff Miles, Vice President, Mobile Transactions, NXP Semiconductors
  • John Schulte, Chief Information Officer/SVP, Mercantile Bank of Michigan
  • Rob Canterbury, Senior Director – Strategic Partnerships, Qualcomm
  • Paul Davis, Banking & Financial Markets Big Data Analytics Manager, IBM Corporation
  • Peter Vogel Co-Founder/CEO, Plink 
  • Nils Winkler, Chairman of the Board, Yapital
  • Todd Roberts, SVP, Payments Strategy and Innovation, CIBC


Click here to get the exclusive Mobile Wallet Wars 2014 brochure with the newly launched agenda amd stellar speaker line-up 


The Industry's Unparalleled Networking and Learning Event:

Wallet Wars is back after the success of our 2013 event, and is the best in class digital wallet event for networking and learning, that the industry has to offer you. You can expect:

  • 16+ Crucial Industry-Focussed Debates:  independently researched and structured to give you key profitable business case-studies through delivering a strong value proposition across the value chain and to the customer​
  • 250+ Executive Attendees: featuring 40% banks and retailers, with over half the attendees coming from C-level or senior management – making it the best in its class for networking
  • 20+ Hours of Dedicated Networking: Meet face-to-face and do business with otherwise un-accessible decision makers. Wallet Wars 2014 is where the digital wallet eco-system comes together!


Reasons to Attend Wallet Wars 2014

The cell phone has already reinvented the gaming market, re-worked the music industry, and destroyed both the camera and video markets. Now it is coming for our wallets.

  • Define your mobile wallet battle plan - Discover how to make a product appealing, accessible, reliable, and to ensure immediate uptake of your solution
  • Unrivalled networking opportunties - Make sure you are at the forefront at this industry event, with 2 days of networking and potential business partnerships to be made
  • Add value and bolster your arsenal - Integrating loyalty, coupons, offers and ticketing provides the convenience that will springboard your wallet’s mass adoption, turning it from a gimmick to an everyday essential
  • Discover allies and understand opponents - In this space you need to keep your partners close but your competitors closer. Get to grips with who can help you capitalise on a new market
  • Avoid the minefield of privacy - Realise the potential from a gold mine of new data, while making sure you don’t encroach on your customer’s privacy
  • Grab your share of the market - With the consumer unlikely to have more than one mobile wallet, ensure they choose yours

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Here are some of the comments made about our flagship event  and some of our other events from the audience present:

Wallet Wars gathered a good level of contacts and being a sponsor of the event was a valuable investment.

Pierre Antonio, Business Development Manager, Natural Security

Wallet Wars was a great opportunity to take down the barriers to communication between all the stakeholders in the mobile wallet space. Learning more about each other’s goals and issues helps facilitate progress towards the results we all want to achieve, especially in delivering real value to consumers.

John Schulte Mercantile, Chief Intelligence Officer, Bank of Michigan

Once again a great summit full of great content, conversations and networking. Can’t wait ‘til the next event

Jon Fleming,BD Mobile, Amazon

Open Mobile is a revelation: incisive C-level players and thinkers at the top of their game. Highly recommended for senior executives looking for the right mobile intersection

Lucy Hood, Founder of Fox Mobile

The single best place to connect with people in the mobile world

Paul Cosway, Managing Partner, Ressen

One of the best conferences I've been to in 40 years of doing business. The topics were bang on, the speakers best in class and the networking amazing

William Berlin, SVP SalesRingtail International Communications


Click here to get the exclusive Mobile Wallet Wars 2014 brochure with the newly launched agenda and speaker line-up 


See a breakdown of our C level execs that attended Mobile Wallet Wars 2013

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Click here to get the exclusive Mobile Wallet Wars 2014 brochure with the agenda with the stellar speaker line-up

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I look forward to meeting you in New York!


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