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Does the Market know what You are Capable of?

The Mobile Payments market is burgeoning. This conference is your opportunity to make key strategic partnerships to drive your growth and profits. The Mobile Payments Latin America Summit can help you:

  • Become a market-leader: Use our platform to educate the Mobile Payments market on your area of technical or business expertise. We will work with you to create a speaking opportunity to best represent your company
  • Stand out from the crowd: We'll position your brand in front of banks, Telco's, retailers, and MNOs to increase your exposure and grow your market share
  • Enhance your marketing campaign: We will promote your brand through targeted marketing channels and get your company in front of over 40,000+ key industry execs. for 3 months before the conference

Impress Potential Clients with Relevant, Targeted Marketing

We've helped many businesses grow. Let us work with you to understand the best way in which we can help deliver a focused message to a decision making audience. We will develop a sponsorship package bespoke to your business, to enable you to:

  • More than nine in ten online Latin Americans own or use a mobile device on a regular basis, and nearly all (99 percent) have apps downloaded on their services.
  • More than 60 percent of the mobile users of each specific apps such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Spotify and Waze consider they are very important in day-to-day life.
  • Tablet users in LatAm mostly use their devices at home, when spending time with friends, in the house of friends or family, or at school.
  • Tablet users in Latin America have downloaded an average of 19 apps on their devices. o Twenty percent of tablet users spend more than 7 hours each week using internet through their tablet devices

          Source comScore Inc.


Find out how we can help your business.

Please contact me on the details below if you would like to discuss your Latin American Mobile Payments marketing strategy.


David Leslie-Clarke

Business Development Manager
Open Mobile Media

Tel: +44 207 375 7504

Toll Free: 1800 814 3459 ext. 7504

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