Using Connected Technology to Throughout the Enterprise to Enhance Business Process 

Now is the time to embrace mobile technology holistically across the enterprise. It is about leveraging a connected mindset to spur technological innovations that power disruptive change. To make this leap, enterprises must overcome a host of organizational and technological challenges, preparing for the operational beneļ¬ts that can be achieved along the way.

The Mobile Enterprise Summit Europe 2015...

The Mobile Enterprise Summit is not here talk about siloed IT initiatives such as BYOD but it is here to gather the mobile inovators and disruptors across the enterprise environment to discuss how to get real ROI from mobile investments. 

Expert speakers already involved in 2015

Gabriel Weiss

Gabriel Weiss
Interactive Marketing Technologies
Mitsubishi Electric
Barry Libenson

Barry Libenson
Brian Gardner

Brian Gardner
Executive Director Mobile Center of Excellence
Kaiser Permanent

Crucial Topics for 2015:

  • Unlocking the business value of mobility: How to identify the impact that mobile can make on your specific business? What is your business objective for mobility? What will be your competitive advantage and ROI? How can it specifically enhance your company's workflow
  • Mobilising the Workforce Beyond Sales: Discuss approaches to providing an environment for employees to work anywhere, with anyone to create a flexible and more productive working culture
  • Are enterprise apps worth the dirty work? Discuss how to create a set of internal apps in a way to deliver ROI to the enterprise’s business processes.
  • IoT and Augmented Reality: Look at how wareable and augmented tech can make working processes more effcient to drive operational quality improvements
  • Creating Freedom within a Framework: Look at how to manage and optimise the tug of war being waged in nearly all companies between IT and the business units regarding who has ultimate ownership of the enterprise’s mobility initiatives
  • Data Integration across the Enterprise: Mobile devices and other data sources provide rich data sets where analytics and insights can more effectively drive business decisions

Mobile Enterprise Innovators Set to Contribute

  • Gabriel Weiss, Interactive Marketing Technologies, Mitsubishi Electric Heating and Cooling
  • Trina Sauber, Director Mobility Center of Excellence COE, PepsiCo
  • Kevin Burden, Director Mobility, Strategy Analytics
  • Dan Shey, Practice Director, Enterprise, M2M and Verticals, ABI Research
  • Bask Iyer, CIO, Juniper Networks
  • Brian Gardner, Executive Director Mobility Center of Excellence, Kaiser Permanente

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What Delegates Think About our Other Open Mobile Media Events

Open Mobile Media host a series of mobile related conference, including The Open mobile Summit. This si the reputation that we have in the mobile industry.

The single best place to connect with people in the mobile world

Paul Cosway, Managing Partner, Ressen


One of the best conferences I've been to in 40 years of doing business. The topics were bang on, the speakers best in class and the networking amazing

William Berlin, SVP SalesRingtail International Communications

Ringtail International Communications

Open Mobile is a revelation: incisive C-level players and thinkers at the top of their game. Highly recommended for senior executives looking for the right mobile intersection

Lucy Hood, Founder of Fox Mobile

Fox Mobile

The Open Mobile Summit brought together thought leaders in the industry. I felt fortunate to have had the opportunity to talk with them at the conference.



This is the most forward looking and well paced event I go to each year. Small enough to allow good networking and with a consistently high calibre of attendee.



The Open Mobile Summit is a great opportunity to see and hear from the best and the brightest in mobile technology.



It's great to pick your head up out of your unique perspective at times to get a better overall finger on the pulse of the industry as a whole.



Good place to contemplate the future

Larry Weber, CEO, W2 Group

W2 Group

Open Mobile Summit is one of the premiere US wireless conferences with first rate speakers covering key issues facing our industry

CEO, AetherPal


The speakers and attendees were both high quality. It was great to gather ideas from all the different market segments. You can apply successful tactics to disrupt your own industry.




Does this sound like a worthwhile business opportunity?

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Emily Savage
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